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Community Service

Sifra Natha-Azizollahoff Philanthropic Fund
Ethiopian Dance Program in Pardes Hana, Isreal

Renee' Ricca, owner of Renne' Ricca's Pilates centre and Oriana Franso Azizollahoff, Director of Philanthropy for Renee Ricca's Pilates Center. Renee' Ricca is a graduate of RAD London, England with a 25 year career on Broadway. Oriana Franco holds a degree from State University of NY at Purchase. Certified in Pilates with a Master Degree of RAD at Durham University.

Both woman had a dream to bring dance and theatre education for the under priviledged Ethiopian children in Padres Hana Isreal, amd to support S.I.E. (Sytem Lupus Research.) In honor and memory of Renee Ricca's late sister, Sifra Nathan.

In the last 3 years they have formed the Sifra Nathan-Azizollahoff Philanthropic Fund.
In 2011 they opened the new facily and built a state of the art dance studio. As of September 2012. The Padres Hana Dance Troupe performed for President Shimon Peres.

The community has grown in leaps and bounds. This program that manages to interwin its upholding of well being, dance education, kindness, community service and S.I.E research. We encourage you to take part in this great opportunity and join us in our mission.

Renee teaching class in Padres Hanna, Israel

Oriana Franco teaching class.
Kids in Class - Israel