Renee Ricca's Pilates and Gyrotonic Center Presents Our Live Virtual Schedule of Classes

Renee Ricca's Pilates & GYROTONIC Center

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Livestream Class Schedule

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Livestream Schedule

Livestream Price List

Single Group Pilates Apparatus Class $40.00
5Group Apparatus Classes $175.00
10 Group Apparatus Classes $350.00
20 Group Apparatus Classes $550.00
Pilates Group Class 1x a Week (Monthly) $108.00
Pilates Group Class 2x a Week (Monthly) $204.00
12 Pilates Classes 3x a week (Monthly) $288.00
Unlimited Monthly Classes $395.00
Single Teens and Kids Pilates Class $18.00
4x Teens and Kids Pilates Classes $72.00

Group Classes

Mini 30 min. Fit Orientation/Reformer Safety $55.00
Orientation Full Hour with Renee' $130.00
Full Fitness Orientation/Reformer Safety Setup w/Team $110.00

Private Sessions

Private Pilates Session with Renee Ricca $130.00
5 Privates with Renee Ricca $625.00
10 Privates with Renee Ricca $1200.00
20 Privates with Renee Ricca $2200.00

Single Pilates Private $110.00
5 Pilates Private Sessions $500.00
10 Pilates Private Sessions $950.00
20 Private Pilate Sessions $1800.00

Private Sessions with Renee RiccaEvals, Pilates, & Gyrotonic®
Pilates Private Sessions with the Team
Gyrotonic®Private Sesssions

Single Private Gyrotonic w/ Team $110.00
Single Private Gyrotonic w/ Gabby $120.00
5 Private Gyrotonic Sessions $500.00
10 Private Gyrotonic Session with Gabby $1050.00
10 Private Sessions w/ Pilates Team $950.00
20 Gyrotonic with Gabby Schaffer $2000.00
20 Private Gyrotonic Sessions with Team $1900.00