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There's no time better than the present to experience a healthier core and total body wellness. Strengthen your overall physical well-being with pilates exercises from our classically trained instructors in Aventura, Florida. At Renee Ricca's Pilates & GYROTONIC® Center, the Classical Method boasts a full classical Pilates & GYROTONIC® Team that has been helping men and women get healthier and enhancing anti-aging. We've been training in Pilates since 1969, and have 20 years of combined experience in GYROTONICS®, which means you can count on our Pilates instructors for in-depth, and authentic training! | Visit our Blog and learn more about the benefits of Pilates and GYROTONIC®.

How We Help You
Each of our pilates training classes is directed at your specific skill level. Are you a beginner? Do you have extensive experience in Pilates and GYROTONICS®? No matter how much or how little you know, we can help you increase your ability to stay healthy and feel great.

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