about renee ricca

Renée Ricca is a Second-generation Teacher to Joseph H. Pilates, Trained in New York City by First Disciple Carola Trier

Owner/Artistic Director of Renée Ricca’s Pilates™ and Gyrotonic® Center, Celebrating its 24th Anniversary in Aventura, Florida

Early Years: South Africa

My dancing years started at the age of four. I trained in Johannesburg, South Africa, with Sheila Wartski, RAD and Cecchetti Method of Ballet. Studied Mime, Voice, Elocution, Dramatic Arts, Soft Shoe, Tap, Flamenco, and Classical Spanish Dance. South Africa Ballet Champion. South Africa Classical Spanish Champion/Greek Dance Champion.

London to New York to Miami

Carola Trier
First Generation Pilates Teacher

Then I continued my career in London, England where I graduated at The Royal Ballet of London/Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts. I worked in many Musicals and Pantomime.

I continued my career as a dancer/actor/singer on Broadway for many years. In this time of my life, this is where I started my studies in Classical Pilates with one of the Elders, Carole Trier. I had the privilege of working with all the Elders as my Pilates career blossomed.



After many years in New York, I moved to Miami and opened Renée Ricca’s Pilates™ and Gyrotonic®Center where I am proudly going into my 24th year. I have introduced different platforms of Continuing Education/Workshops. The platform for rehabilitation includes clients with injuries; MS, Parkinsons, Stroke.


I am a Passionate and Authentic Artist and Intuitive Teacher.  Sharing my craft, experience, and knowledge… This is my 24th year creating the Renée Ricca Pilates™ and Gyrotonic™ Center. Introducing new platforms, Continuing Comprehensive Teacher Trainings. Workshops. Teachers Teaching Teachers! Working with clients that have had major back, knee, and hip injuries… MS, Parkinson Stroke… this has brought me great joy in their journey with me. I am blessed to maintain my dancing career from the age of 4, till the present. Competing in dance competitions, local shows, as a dancer/ actress/ choreographer… and participating in all community services close to my heart.